baseball inflatables

Game time with Inflatable Design Group and Baseball Inflatables

Inflate your field!

Our countdown has dropped below one week until opening day for the 2017 baseball season! We cannot contain how excited we are to get back to the ballpark and enjoy America’s favorite pastime. Inflatable Design Group has been taking ballparks to the next level with the use of awesome custom baseball inflatables! From interactive inflatable games to inflatable mascots we have it all for this season. Bringing an element of interactive fun to your field makes game day so much more enjoyable for fans and is family friendly. Fans will make the best memories at your stadium and the team spirit will soar with custom baseball inflatables!


Take me out to the…FUN ZONE!

Our baseball inflatable games are the best addition to any family fun zone! Turn fans into players with the help on interactive inflatable games like Around the Horn, Strike Out and Speed Pitch. These games can test the strength and power of anyone’s throw making them feel ready to take the pitcher’s mound! Anyone can step up to home plate no matter how old you are with our batting cage inflatables and T-ball inflatables. Our inflatables ensure that all game day goers have a blast and a memorable game day. Each of our inflatable games is custom designed to represent your team. Complete with team colors and logos there will be no mistaking who to cheer on at your field!

Hit a home run with IDG’s Baseball Inflatables!

Make sure your field is more than just the family fun zone by having inflatables everywhere! Bring your mascot to life by having a giant inflatable mascot roaming around your ball park. Guests can enter in style by walking under a custom inflatable entryway decked out with your team name, logo and colors! The possibilities are endless with the help of Inflatable Design Group! We can’t wait to see all of our baseball inflatables in action this season at ballparks across the country! Will yours be one of them?