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Inflatable Arches & Entryways

From inflatable arches welcoming students to campus to giant custom inflatable mascot entryways for the NFL, Inflatable Design Group is known for our high-quality inflatable arches and entryways.  We have many different styles and sizes, all of which are fully customizable and can be matched to your team, school, or company colors!

Click on the categories below to see examples of each inflatable entryway.  Email our team at to start customizing your sports inflatable and get a free quote!

All of Inflatable Design Group’s inflatable arches and entryways are 100% customizable.  We can match any team colors and put any logo, slogan, or pattern onto your custom inflatable entryway.  We can also make many of our custom inflatable entryways with removable banners.  Removable banners are a great way to thank team sponsors and change out signage for different events.  Be sure to ask your sales representative about removable banners when placing your order for more information. 

IDG’s team can help find a custom inflatable entryway that will fit any budget!

Inflatable Arches

IDG has many different styles and sizes of inflatable arches.  Of course, they are all 100% customizable.  Inflatable arches are perfect for schools or teams with limited space.  They are small and easy to transport and set up. 

Inflatable Tunnels

Custom inflatable tunnels are a great way to welcome your team to the field.  They are slightly larger than inflatable arches but just as easy to set up.  Use your inflatable tunnel out on the field or inside your gym to create a fun and intimidating team entrance. 

Inflatable Arch Tunnel Combos

Get the best of both worlds with a custom inflatable arch tunnel combo.  IDG’s custom inflatable arch tunnel combos are composed of two different inflatable units that attach together to create one big, intimidating inflatable team entryway.  Inflatable arch tunnels combos are versatile as you can use one of the inflatable units, the arch or tunnel, separately or together for different events.

Inflatable Mascot Entryways

Inflatable mascot entryways are a great way to get your fans on their feet and intimidate the competition.  IDG has different inflatable entryway styles of all kinds of mascots.  Our team can also work with you to create a completely custom design!  Additional accessories such as a smoke machine, lights, and more can be added to your custom inflatable mascot entryway at an extra cost.

Custom Inflatable Football Helmets

Inflatable football helmets are a fun way to welcome any football team to the field.  Athletes of all ages will have a blast and get pumped for the game as they run through your custom inflatable football helmet and blast through the face mask, entering into the game.  Add an inflatable tunnel to your inflatable football helmet for an even bigger entrance.

Custom Inflatable Entryways

Want a totally custom inflatable entryway design?  IDG’s talented team can make virtually any design come to life in the form of a giant custom inflatable.  Email our team at to get started on your custom inflatable entryway today!