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Custom Inflatable Tunnels

Custom inflatable tunnels are a fun way for your team, of any sport and division, to enter game day.  Work with Inflatable Design Group to customize your inflatable tunnel to show off your team!

Like all the sports inflatables Inflatable Design Group manufactures, our inflatable tunnels are 100% customizable.  We can make your inflatable tunnel to be any dimensions to what you like, tunnel length typically ranges from 10 feet to 25 feet. However, we can make it however long or short your team desires.  We can also make your inflatable tunnel round or square and even add 3D inflatable shapes to it! 

Inflatable Design Group uses the Pantone Matching System to accurately match your sports inflatable to your team or school colors.  Show off your school or team brand by putting your logo, slogan, or other design directly onto your custom sports inflatable entryway!  Blast doors and removable banners can also be added with different designs or words.  Blast doors are made from high-quality nylon and are attached to the opening of an inflatable tunnel.  They often are customized to match the inflatable tunnel colors and have a team or school’s logo digitally printed onto them.  Blast doors allow you athletes to blast through them and onto the field, creating a fun and exciting team entrance into the game.  They can be added to any of our custom inflatable tunnels!

Removable banners can also be added to any of Inflatable Design Group’s inflatable tunnels or other entryways.  Removable banners are a great way to allow your team to change out the signage for different events or team sponsors that may change season after season.  You can even use removable banners as a sponsorship or fundraising opportunity by adding an advertising banner to your tunnel for companies or businesses that donated or sponsor your team!  These banners can be changed out each game or switched out each season.  You can also get a company name or logo put directly onto your inflatable tunnel for your team’s biggest sponsors and donors!

Custom inflatable tunnels are a great way to welcome any team to game day.  You can use your inflatable tunnel out on the football field, in the gym during a basketball game, to welcome your fans to your stadium, and more!  Work with Inflatable Design Group to customize your inflatable tunnel to meet your needs and budget!  We can make your sports inflatable any size, color, and shape you want!  Our team will work hard to make sure your custom inflatable tunnel not only meets your expectations but exceeds them! 

Ready to get started?  Email your ideas and specifications to to get a free quote.