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Custom Inflatable Mascots

Nothing gets your fans or students more ready for game day than a larger-than-life inflatable team mascot replica!

Inflatable Design Group has worked with teams, universities, and companies from all over to help bring their mascots to life in the form of a giant inflatable replica.  Our talented team can take any team mascot and turn it into a highly detailed, high-quality custom inflatable!

Custom inflatable mascots provide a fun and unique photo opportunity.  Use your custom inflatable team mascot to welcome fans as they enter the stadium on game day, attract prospective students at college fairs, and so much more!  Nothing grabs attention and increases team spirit quite like a giant inflatable mascot!

Whether you want your inflatable mascot to be 8 fee tall or 30 feet tall, IDG can do it all.  We have made inflatable mascot animals, characters, and even an anthropomorphic S’more for an independent baseball team!  Our talented crew of craftspeople can really make any mascot come to life!  As always, we can match any team, school, or company colors and put any logo or design directly onto your custom team mascot inflatable.  When you work with IDG you call all the shots!  We can make your inflatable mascot any size, shape, and color you want!

Inflatable Design Group’s team can also add removable banners to your custom inflatable mascot.  Removable banners allow you to easily switch out your mascot’s signage for different events and uses.  You can use your inflatable mascot with removable banners to welcome your new students to campus, remind your community about your next sports game, thank your sponsors, and so much more!

Make your team or university stand tall and spread team spirit with a larger-than-life inflatable mascot replica designed and manufactured by IDG!  We use the highest quality materials available in the industry to construct all of our custom sports inflatables so that your inflatable will last for years. 

Ready to get started?  Email our team at to get a free quote.  Be sure to include an image of your mascot and some details about what you are looking for!