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Custom Basketball Inflatables

“Custom basketball inflatables designed and manufactured by Inflatable Design Group are a great way to elevate your stadium and enhance your fan’s game-day experience.

Click on the categories below to learn more about the different types of custom basketball inflatables. “

“Custom basketball inflatables can elevate your fan’s game day experience, they can be used in the off-season for building brand awareness, and they can serve as fun and unique photo opportunities.

From custom inflatable basketball games in your fan zone to giant team-branded inflatable couches, Inflatable Design Group has an extensive library of custom basketball inflatables that are perfect for your team!

All Inflatable Design Group’s sports inflatables are 100% customizable. We use the Pantone Matching System (PMS) to match any team, university, or organization’s colors. We can also put any team logo, slogan, or design directly onto your custom basketball inflatable to increase team awareness and team spirit.

Whether you are having a game day at the stadium or are hosting an off-season team-sponsored community event, Inflatable Design Group’s custom basketball inflatables are a great way to spread team awareness and spirit. Line up multiple custom basketball inflatables for an unforgettable fan experience that will keep your fans coming back all season long!

Fans of all ages will love showing off their skills with team-branded inflatable games. They will feel like they are out on the court with their favorite ball players as they shoot free throws and score slam dunks on interactive inflatables designed to show off your team. Your younger fans will love heading to the stadium early to bounce around on a custom bounce house or posing for pictures with a giant inflatable version of their favorite team mascot. They can even kick back and relax on a giant inflatable couch.

Inflatable Design Group, the parent company of Inflatable Team, has an extensive library of custom basketball inflatables. One of our experienced sales representatives will walk you through the entire ordering and customization process to ensure that you are happy with your final product.

Want to find out more about custom basketball inflatables and why your team needs them? Email our team at or give us a call at 619-596-6100.

Custom Basketball Inflatables