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Custom Hockey Inflatables

Give your fans and team the best game day experience with custom hockey inflatables!

“Krank up the atmosphere at your hockey stadium with Inflatable Design Group’s hockey inflatables. All of which are customizable and can be color matched to your team brand! Plus, we can put any team logo or other design onto your inflatable to promote your brand.

Custom hockey inflatables increase the game-day experience not just for your fans but also for your athletes! Work with Inflatable Design Group to customize an inflatable entryway your team can skate through to take the ice. IDG has everything from custom giant inflatable mascot entryways to smaller custom inflatable arches in different styles. Any of our custom inflatable entryways can be used on the ice for your team to enter the match through or at the entrance to your stadium to welcome your fans!

Encourage your fans to get to the stadium early by providing a fun fan zone experience filled with custom hockey inflatables. From inflatable games to unique inflatable photo opportunities, IDG has it all!

More sports teams and stadiums have been providing some form of pre and post-game experience for their fans. They are a great way to give fans a memorable experience and let them soak up the game day atmosphere before heading to their seats to cheer on their favorite players and team. By filling your pre or post-game fan zones with inflatables you will keep your fans coming back all season long! You can also use your custom hockey inflatables during the off-season at community events to promote your team.

Custom hockey inflatables can even be added to your sponsorship proposals. IDG has worked with various sports teams to customize sports inflatables that bring attention and thank their team sponsors. Some of our custom sports inflatables can even be made with removable banners in case your team sponsors change next season.

Email our team at to get a free quote and find out more about custom hockey inflatables. “