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Inflatable Photo Frame

Make game day picture perfect with a custom inflatable photo frame!  Our inflatable photo frames stand at 9 feet tall and 6.4 feet wide.  They make any event or game day instaworthy and serve as the perfect photo opportunity!  

Work with Inflatable Design Group to customize your inflatable photo frame.  We use the Pantone Matching System (PMS) to accurately match your team, brand, or school colors to your inflatable photo frame and can add any logo as well!  Keep it simple with 2D designs or work with our team to add a 3D design and make your brand really pop!

Inflatable photo frames pack up small, are relatively lightweight, and can even be made with an internal blower.  This makes them perfect for throwing in your car and taking on the road with you for away games or different events.  It also means that they are extremely easy to set up, simply plug into a power source, turn it on, and watch your inflatable photo frame inflate within seconds!

Make your event or game day even more instaworthy with a giant custom inflatable couch, larger-than-life inflatable mascot, or inflatable logo block!  All are fully customizable and a great way to increase fan and event attendee engagement.

See more examples of our inflatable couches, inflatable mascots, and inflatable logo blocks on our website.