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custom inflatable mascot entryway

Why IDG for your Custom Inflatable Mascot Entryway

Is your team still using a paper banner to enter the field? 

It’s time to upgrade.  Enter the field like the pros!  Work with IDG to design a custom inflatable mascot entryway!

Intimidate the Competition with a Custom Inflatable Mascot Entryway

Anyone can make an inflatable tunnel, but it takes experience and skill to make a show-stopping inflatable mascot entryway.  Work with IDG to breathe some life into your mascot and create a giant custom inflatable mascot entryway that will tower over your competition.  We can turn any mascot into an amazing, larger-than-life inflatable!

custom inflatable mascot entryways
Examples of Custom Inflatable Mascot Entryways Designed and Manufactured by IDG

Custom inflatable mascot entryways help build team spirit and increase excitement among athletes, coaches, students, and the community.  They intimidate the competition and elevate the game-day experience. 

When you work with IDG, you get to call all the shots.  Customize your inflatable mascot entryway with your team colors, team name, and sponsors.  Make your entrance a show with added elements such as a smoke machine or colored lights for an additional fee. 

inflatable tunnel knight for high school
Custom Knight Inflatable Tunnel

Custom inflatable entryways are easy to store, set up, take down, and transport!  You can use them at any event, on or off-campus, indoor or outdoor!

inflatable tunnel used indoor panther
Panther Inflatable Tunnel Used Indoors

Largest Custom Inflatable Mascot Entryway Collection

IDG has the largest custom inflatable mascot entryway collection in the industry.  Our team of talented craftsmen have designed and manufactured custom sports inflatables for teams with all different mascots, in all different styles.  Check out our recently updated, extensive library of past inflatable mascot entryways on our website here.

dragon mascot and ram mascot inflatables
Custom Dragon and Ram Inflatable Entryway

From little league to the pros, IDG has worked with teams of all different levels and budgets.  Check out some inflatable entryways we designed for NFL teams in the photos below.

nfl custom inflatable entryways
Custom Inflatable Tunnels for NFL: New York Jets, New England Patriots, Denver Broncos, and Carolina Panthers

Don’t see your mascot or a design you like?  Don’t worry!  IDG can turn any mascot into an inflatable entryway.  Here are some examples of unique designs. 

custom inflatable mascot tunnels
Oilers and Boll Weevils Custom Inflatable Tunnels

Ordering Process

The IDG team tries their best to make the custom sports inflatable ordering and manufacturing process as easy as 1-2-3.  Our team of experienced sales representatives will walk you through the entire process, from design to reality.    

1. Approve the Concept

Upon contacting IDG, you will be connected with a sales representative who will work with our innovative design team to create a design concept that meets your specifications and requirements.  This concept will then be sent to you for approval.

idg concept for snake inflatable
The Concept for Snake Inflatable Tunnel

2. Sign The Contract

Once your team approves the concept, IDG will send you a digital contract with the price, lead time, payment terms, and any other important details pertaining to your order.  Once this contract is signed and sent back to us, our team will begin manufacturing your custom sports inflatable!  (Please note: production will not start until the concept is approved and a signed digital contract is in IDG’s hands)

custom snake inflatable tunnel for high school football
Finished Product of Snake Inflatable

3. Enjoy Your Inflatable

Once completed, your custom sports inflatable will be packed up and shipped to you.  All inflatables manufactured by IDG come with one horse-powered blower, a storage bag, tie-downs, stakes, a repair kit, and an instruction manual for easy set-up.  We also have step-by-step setup and troubleshooting videos on our website if any problem should arise.  Of course, you can always reach out to your sales representative with any questions as well.

custom inflatable snake mascot entryway
In Action Snake Inflatable

Check out our FAQ page for any other questions about the ordering process or custom inflatable care. 

Click here for a success story about one of our custom inflatable entryways. 

Order Your Custom Sports Inflatable Today!

Contact us today at to get started on your mascot entryway!  Remember, when you work with IDG the sky is the limit!