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custom inflatable baseball team names

IDG’s Top 12 Quirkiest Baseball Team Names with Custom Inflatables Part 1

IDG’s Top 12 Quirkiest Baseball Team Names Part 1

Baseball teams have a long tradition of quirky team names.  That is probably because most of them get their names from name-the-team contests.  Inflatable Design Group has ranked the quirkiest 12 teams we have created custom inflatables for.

12. Augusta GreenJackets

Located in Augusta, Georgia this minor league team got their name from the trophies given at The Masters, golf championship.  The champion of The Masters, which is held in Augusta every year, is given a green jacket.  Thus, when Augusta got a baseball team, they embraced what their city is known for and choose the name Augusta GreenJackets.

As for custom inflatables, Inflatable Design Group customized two arches for the Augusta GreenJackets.  The black and silver one is known as a tubular angular arch and the one labeled ‘Fun Zone’ is a square block arch.  Both custom entryways are a great way to guide fans around the stadium to certain locations such as the Fan Zone

Custom inflatable arches are a great way to show off your team logo and can be customized to any color!  They are also light and fold up small when deflated, making them easy to transport to away games. 


Custom Arch For Baseball team


11. Charleston RiverDogs

In our 11th spot, we have the Charleston RiverDogs.  This minor league team, located in Charleston, South Carolina, got its name from a name-the-team contest in 1993.  According to an urban legend is that since Charleston is located on a peninsula, there are lots of large rats along the riverbanks.  Sailors eventually named these large rats river dogs.  

South Carolina gets hot during the baseball season!  That is why we helped them design their own branded inflatable misting station.  This custom inflatable is a great way to show off their team logo while keeping guests cool during those warm months.  They are also very easy to set up and takedown. 


custom inflatable misting station for riverdogs baseball


10. Clinton LumberKings

What is up with baseball teams combining two words into one?  The Clinton LumberKings are a collegiate summer team located in Clinton, Iowa.  Clinton is known for its numerous sawmills located along the Mississippi River.  The managers of the sawmills became known as lumber kings, so the name was an obvious choice for the team. 

The Clinton LumberKings worked with Inflatable Design Group to customize their inflatable obstacle course for their fan zone.  This custom inflatable allows two fans to race through various obstacles.  It is a great time and sure to bring excitement to any sports team’s fan zone!


 inflatable interactive obstacle course lumberkings


9. Cedar Rapids Kernels

When people think about Iowa they typically think of cornfields.  The Cedar Rapids minor league team decided to embrace that when choosing their team’s name and choose the Cedar Rapids Kernels. 

Interactive custom inflatables are a great way to keep fans engaged and build team spirit.  The Cedar Rapids Kernels customized their own inflatable skeeball game with their colors and logo.  It makes a great addition to their fan zone and fans love trying to beat the high score during innings!


custom inflatable skee ball kernel interactive


8 . Biloxi Shuckers

Located on the coast of Mississippi, Biloxi is the self-proclaimed seafood capital of the world.  When naming their minor league team, the city wanted to reference the city’s seafood and, more specifically, oyster industry.  Therefore, the Biloxi Shuckers were born! 

Thanks to custom inflatables designed by Inflatable Design Group, MGM Park, the Biloxi Shuckers’ home stadium, has lots to do before the first pitch!  To build team spirit among fans, the Shuckers customized their own interactive inflatable bounce house, skeeball, and flat top games with their colors and logo.  These custom inflatables are a great addition to the Biloxi Shuckers’ fan zone. 


custom inflatable fan zone flat top interactive baseball


7. Amarillo Sod Poodles

When announced, the Texas minor league team Amarillo Sod Poodles, was all over the news.  Mostly because people had no idea what a sod poodle was.  Turns out, a sod poodle is an old-fashioned nickname for a prairie dog which there are a lot of in west Texas.  Fans hated the team’s name so much that one fan even started an online petition for better names.  However, even with over 7,000 signatures, the baseball team remained the Amarillo Sod Poodles.

Although fans do not love the team’s name, they love custom inflatables!  The Amarillo Sod Poodles knew that despite their name being such a controversy, fans would still come to games, especially when their fan zone had interactive inflatables to entertain fans.  The Amarillo Sod Poodles worked with Inflatable Design Group to customize a huge inflatable slide, flat top game, and bounce house with their team colors, logo, and sponsors.  These custom sports inflatables are a great way to build team spirit, even if fans do not like the team’s name!



 inflatable baseball fan zone


The baseball season may have already started but it’s not too late to upgrade your fan zone!  Visit our website to see what other custom inflatables IDG designs. 

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Do not forget to read our next blog to find out what quirky team names are in the final 6!