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custom sports inflatables for fall

Get Ready for Winter and Fall Sports with Custom Sports Inflatables

In a few months football, basketball, and hockey will be back in season.  Get ready with custom sports inflatables manufactured by IDG to show off your team brand! 

Custom Inflatable Entryways

One of IDG’s most popular custom sports inflatables is our inflatable entryways.  IDG has worked with teams of all sizes and all sports to create the custom inflatable entryway of their dreams.  We have inflatable arches, inflatable helmets, inflatable tunnels, and totally custom-shaped inflatable entryways.  All are customizable, a great way to show off your brand, and we can match any school or team colors. 

custom inflatable sports entryways for the nfl, universities, and nba
Custom Inflatable Sports Entryways

Custom inflatable entryways are extremely versatile and can be used in a variety of ways.  If you are a university, you can use your inflatable entryway to welcome fans to game day, students to campus, and more!  If you are a professional sports team, you can use your inflatable entryway to welcome fans to your fan zone or your team to the field.

Want to add even more versatility to your custom inflatable entryway?  Ask about adding a removable banner!  Removable banners are printed onto high-quality material and are a great way to call out sponsors or change out your entryway signage for different events. 

Other additional accessories that can be added to inflatable entryways are smoke machines, blast doors, and lights.  View more examples of our inflatable entryways here.

Custom Sports Inflatable Interactive Games

Another popular category of custom sports inflatables IDG makes are our inflatable interactive games.  IDG has an extensive list of inflatable interactive games that make a great addition to any team fan zone, pre-game tailgate, or university campus! 

Custom Interactive Games for Various Teams
Custom Interactive Games for Various Teams

Custom inflatable interactive games are a great way to get fans to engage on game day.  IDG makes inflatable games for every sport including hockey, basketball, football, baseball, and more!  We also have a giant inflatable version of everyone’s favorite childhood game Tic-Tac-Toe and a giant inflatable cornhole game! 

Just like all our custom sports inflatables, our inflatable interactive games are customizable and can be branded to show off your sports team or university.  As always, we can match your team colors and digitally print any design directly onto your custom inflatable. 

Other Custom Sports Inflatables

From giant inflatable couches to inflatable mascot replicas and inflatable misting stations, IDG has a huge library of sports inflatables that are 100% customizable.  Custom sports inflatables are a great way to get eyes on your team or university brand.  They can be used on game day and at a variety of other events your team may attend. 

Custom Inflatable Couch and Inflatable Mascot
Custom Inflatable Couch and Inflatable Mascot

IDG’s custom sports inflatables are made with the highest quality materials in the industry.  This means that, with proper care and cleaning, your custom sports inflatable can last for up to 10 years! 

All our inflatables are easy to set up, ensuring that you have a smooth game day or another event.  Our team has even made ‘How-To’ videos in case you have any issues setting up your inflatable and, of course, you can reach out to your IDG sales representative at any time with questions.

  Ready to get started on your custom sports inflatables?  Contact our team at for a free quote!  Please keep in mind that our current lead time is over 8 weeks so make sure you get started on your inflatable early!