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inflatable baseball mascots

Beat the Four Aces of October with these Inflatable Baseball Mascots

inflatable baseball mascotsClayton Kershaw has Nothing on IDG

News outlets everywhere are talking about the “four aces of October” which includes Clayton Kershaw, Corey Kluber, Chris Sale, Max Scherzer. These baseball pros are known for their dominance on and off the mound. Make a pitch towards greatness with Inflatable Baseball Mascots from IDG! They might not be able to make a run on the field, but off the field these inflatables get everyone moving. Crowds will love to see their favorite mascots towering over them, as a show of team spirit and pride. So give your team it’s own ace with the perfect inflatable mascot. 

inflatable baseball mascots

Scout Out the Best Inflatable Baseball Mascots 

Your team deserves the best. That is why here at Inflatable Design Group, we work heavily with our clients to create the most ideal inflatable. We provide our clients with opportunities for creativity. Colors, shapes, fonts, are all in the hands of our customers so that your product is something that you can be proud of. Our inflatable baseball mascots are also a fantastic way to advertise the next game with a banner or give a shout out to an incredible sponsor. We’ll make sure that your mascot stands out of the crowd! 

Mascots that will Make or Break Your Game

Give your team a reason to win with an inflatable baseball mascot! Customize your inflatable to make that winning combo. All of our inflatables are easy to assemble and the perfect way to jazz up the field. Make your stadium more than just a stadium, make it a home for your players and fans. So contact Inflatable Design Group today at Let us get you started on your inflatable journey!