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custom inflatable interactive games

Inflatable Interactive Games: Add Fun to Any Fan Zone or Tailgate

Get your fans into a competitive mode with custom-made inflatable interactive games!  Inflatable Design Group has a huge library of inflatable games that are fully customizable and fun for the whole family.  Make sure gameday is one to be remembered by elevating your fan zone.

Inflatable Interactive Games for Sports Teams

No matter the sport or team, IDG can make a custom inflatable interactive game for you!  Inflatable Design Group’s library of custom games is extensive.  We have multiple games for just about every sport including football, baseball, hockey, soccer, golf, and more!

custom inflatable interactive games for sports teams
Inflatable Interactive Games for Sports Teams: Football Toss (top left), Speed Pitch (top middle), Free Throw Challenge (top right), Little Home Run (bottom left), Around the Horn (bottom middle), and Hockey Slap Shot (bottom right)

Inflatable interactive games are a great way to keep fans engaged on game day.  They allow fans to compete against each other and show off their skills.  When you work with IDG you get to call all the shots!  Your inflatable interactive game is 100% customizable.  You pick the colors and dimensions.  We can even digitally print your team logo or sponsors directly onto your custom sports inflatable or on removable banners.

miami dolphins nfl games for fan zone
Miami Dolphins Mini QB Toss (left), Flat Top (middle), and Field Goal Kick (right)

We’ve made custom sports inflatables for teams in every division, including professional sports teams.  Check out our interactive games for each sport here.

University Interactive Inflatables

University inflatable interactive games are a great addition to any fan zone, tailgate, or other school events.  They help build school spirit and last for many years. 

university custom inflatable interactive games for game day tailgate
University Custom Inflatable Interactive Games: Soccer Challenge (top left), Tic-Tac-Toe (top right), Shoe Pop-a-Shot (bottom left), Dual Kick Toss (bottom right)

Inflatable Design Group has worked with many universities to produce customize inflatables for their fan zone.  Our innovative team will walk you through the whole process of customizing and ordering your inflatable and can match any school colors.  Check out our extensive list of games here.  We also manufacture inflatable sports pens which are versatile.  The back target of inflatable sports pens can be switched out so that different games or sports can be played. 

Oregon state university custom inflatable game for soccer, softball, and football
Oregon State University Custom Sports Pin with Different Banners and Backdrops

Check out our three sizes of sports pens here.  All custom sports inflatables manufactured by IDG are easy to set up, operate, and transport.  They can be used at any event and all over campus. 

Custom Branded Inflatable Games

Looking to increase your business and brand awareness?  Custom inflatable interactive games are a great way to promote company brands.  Many businesses will even sponsor a university or sports team and buy company-branded inflatables to be used in a team’s fan zone or tailgate.

company branded inflatable games
Company Branded Inflatable Interactive Games: Corn Hole (top left), Dual Kick Toss (top right), Mini QB Toss (bottom left), Soccer Darts (bottom right)

Any of our inflatable interactive games can be customized and branded with company logos.  They can also be displayed next to company booths at sporting events, job fairs, tradeshows, or any other event your company may attend. 

Check out our collection of games here.  All can be customized to your specifications. 

Order Today

All custom sports inflatables designed and manufactured by IDG are made with the highest quality materials in the industry.   They can be used outdoors and will withstand repeated use.  All our inflatables include a warranty which you can learn more about on our FAQ page.

Update your fan zone and build team spirit with custom inflatable interactive games branded and designed to your team’s specifications.  Contact our team at today to get started and get a quote.