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inflatable mascot

Inflatable Mascot for Your School or Business from Inflatable Design Group

Inflatable Mascot for Your School or Business

Love cheering on your team or business, but missing out on a giant Inflatable Mascot? No need to worry because Inflatable Design Group is your go to place for inflating your team/school spirit!  Always there for every event hosted, every game played, or every fundraiser. A great way to bring attention to your favorite team or business is with an Inflatable Mascot.IMG_2256

Mascots are help you grab any team’s attention, pump up any crowd, and can bring business to any company. Here at Inflatable Design Group we like to get creative with our inflatables. Bring us your ideas and we could help make your inflatable dreams come true with your company or school’s mascot.


Over the past years we have worked with countless schools, teams, and companies to create an inflatable mascot perfect for them. We have worked on creating anything from 6’ tall mascots to 16’ tall mascots. Bring us your mascot and ideas so we can help you bring it to life as a giant inflatable!!