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Custom University Inflatable Entryways

Get your fans up on their feet cheering on their favorite university team with custom university inflatable entryways!  Inflatable Design Group can match any school colors and have many different styles, shapes, and sizes of inflatable team entryways!

Inflatable Design Group can work with any budget to create an amazing, eye-catching custom university inflatable entryway that is sure to get your fans up on their feet cheering!  Use your inflatable entryway around campus to welcome students back to classes, around your stadium to invite people to your tailgate, or even out on the field for your team to have a show-stopping game entrance!

Inflatable Arches

Inflatable Design Group has many different types, styles, and sizes of inflatable arches.  All are fully customizable and can be matched to your university colors using the Pantone Matching System.  We can also put your university logo, university slogan, corporate sponsors logo, or any other design onto your inflatable archway!

Inflatable arches are a great way to welcome students and faculty back to campus, invite fans to your university sponsored pre-game tailgate, and more!  They are extremely easy to set up, take down, and they pack up into surprisingly small packages making them easy to transport to off-campus events. 

Inflatable Tunnels

Another popular option of custom university inflatable entryways are our inflatable tunnels!  IDG has many different sizes of inflatable tunnels, and they can be made either round or square.  Our team can also add 3D inflatable shapes to your custom inflatable tunnel to make it really stand out!  Inflatable tunnels are a great way to invite your team to the field or court on game day! 

Inflatable Arch Tunnel Combos

Can’t decide between an inflatable arch or inflatable tunnel?  Why not combine them and get a fully custom inflatable arch tunnel combo? 

IDG has different styles of inflatable arch tunnel combos.  All, of course, are fully customizable and can be watched to show off your university branding.  IDG’s inflatable arch tunnel combos come in two separate inflatable pieces.  This gives your team and university versatility as you can choose to use both units together for an intimidating entryway or use just the arch or just the inflatable tunnel! 

Inflatable Football Helmet Entryway

Inflatable football helmet entryways are also popular among universities we work with.  These inflatable helmets are perfect for university game days and are a fun way for your football team to take the field!  We have many different sizes of inflatable football helmet entryways and they can even be combined with an inflatable tunnel for a versatile and bigger game day entrance. 

Custom Inflatable Mascot Entryway

Intimidate your competition and increase school spirit with a fully custom inflatable mascot entryway!  Everyone loves their university and football team mascot so why not make it into a giant, team entryway?

Inflatable Design Group has brought to life all sorts of sports team and school mascots and transformed them into amazing inflatable team entryways.  We have many different styles of mascots and can even work with you to create a fully custom design if you do not see what you are envisioning!

Order Your Custom University Inflatable Entryway Today!

Custom university inflatable entryways are a great way to get everyone on their feet cheering your team on.  They add to the game day atmosphere and can also be used around campus or around your community during the off season! 

Inflatable Design Group has many different styles of inflatable entryways.  All are fully customizable and can be matched to your team or school colors.  You can even add additional elements such as fog machines and removable banners for an even more showstopping and intimidating team entrance!

Ready to get started?  Email us at for a free quote! 

Inflatable Logo Tunnel Combo

Make an impression on your fans, community, and competition as your team enters the game under a giant inflatable logo tunnel combo designed and manufactured by Inflatable Design Group.

Inflatable Design Group is lucky to have assembled the best group of seamstresses, artists, and designers in the custom sports inflatable manufacturing industry.  Our sales representatives are also extremely knowledgeable and friendly with top notch customer service skills.  They will walk you through the entire customization and ordering process to ensure that your custom inflatable logo tunnel combo will not only meet your team’s expectations but exceed them.

Work with us to transform your school or team logo, crest, or other design into a huge inflatable team entryway!  Add an inflatable tunnel for an even bigger team entrance!  We can match any team or school colors using the Pantone Matching System.

From inflatable logo arches shaped like Texas to giant inflatable logo arches shaped like a school’s logo or mascot, Inflatable Design Group can help you design the perfect inflatable team entryway for your team!  As mentioned before, you can also add an inflatable tunnel to your inflatable logo arch for an even bigger entryway!  Your inflatable tunnel can be round or square and can be any length you want!  Our inflatable logo arch and tunnel combos come in two separate pieces that attach giving you tons of versatility!  This allows you to use just one of your inflatable entryway units or both! 

Want to provide your community, team, and fans with a truly show-stopping and intimidating entryway?  Add a fog machine to your inflatable logo tunnel combo!  We can also help you customize your inflatable logo tunnel with removable banners which can be changed out for different events or used to thank your team sponsors or financial partners. 

Ready to get started on your custom inflatable sports entryway?  Check out our website to get some inspiration and then email us at for a free quote!  Our team will get back to you as soon as possible and help walk you through the ordering process. 

Friday Night Lights

Our fondest memories from high school were under the Friday night lights. Cheering on your team alongside all your friends and classmates and rushing the field after the winning touchdown. Football is the American way, from Friday night lights to Sunday & Monday NFL nights. Now in 2017, there is no better way to make your home field stand out than with a custom inflatable entryway from Inflatable Design Group! Inflatable entryways will get fans excited for the game and give players moments like the pros have. From giant mascot heads to tunnels with huge school logos, inflatable tunnels and entryways are the best addition to your high school field.

 Inflatable Irish Helmet

Take the game to new heights with inflatable tunnels!

Having the home field advantage just got better with your custom entryways. At Inflatable Design Group, we can take any mascot or logo and make it as big as you can dream it! We want your team to stand out from the rest. Inflatable tunnels are the perfect purchase for any booster club. With completely custom designs, all of your sponsors can be featured on the tunnel. Community involvement is what high school football is all about! Bringing sponsors together from all over the community on your inflatable entryway is the best advertising!

 Panthers Inflatable Tunnel

Creation to Contest

Here at Inflatable Design Group, we love seeing our inflatables in action! We are about to launch our second annual Best High School Archway competition. We pre-selected the top 10 entryways of 2016 to be our finalists. The top 10 schools will send us the best in action shots of their inflatable entryway and the photo with the most Facebook likes and shares will win a customized vendor tent! We want to see where your imagination can take you with an awesome custom inflatable entryway and tunnel. YOU could be in our top 10 finalists for 2017! Make sure to check in on our Facebook throughout March to see the Best 2016 Inflatable High School Entryways in action!

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